Special Switch! Wrksp


Shoshi Krieger & Marc Longhenry

Friday Evening:  6:30-8:00pm

Venue: Ripley Grier 520 8th Ave, Room 17H

Friday night before the dance we are having a special workshop to get you geared up and ready for our Switch! competition on Sunday.  Not only is it really fun & a challenging skill; but as Nocturne is an event that is focused on culture, we think it is important to showcase that our blues community can break free of traditional gender roles.

Why take this workshop?


Shoshi usually follows and Marc usually leads, but sometimes, they Switch! Switching is when over the course of a single dance, Shoshi gets to lead cool moves, and Marc gets to follow while adding flair and flourish. This not only helps improve your connection and technique, but also helps develop empathy, musicality, and dance conversation skills. Not to mention, it’s simply just a lot of fun to spend time dancing in a different role and getting to do all the cool stuff your partner usually gets to do!
In this class, you will learn many tools to usher you into the world of switching. We’ll cover the basics of dancing your non-dominant role and etiquette for how to comfortably initiate a switch dance. Afterwards, you’ll learn vocabulary and techniques for how to switch roles from nearly any dance situation in which you may find yourself!

You can register for both the workshop & the comp through OpenDance.

Workshop is: $25 Before July 4th, $35 After July 4th.