These events have graciously donated passes for our competition winners.
Check them out and go dancing! (Click the event name for more info.)

Austin Blues Party (Austin, TX)
Since 2007, Austin Blues Party has been the Central Texas resource for blues. A full weekend of workshops, live music and DJs draws folks to the heart of Texas, where we dance until we drop!

BABBLE (New York, NY)
BABBLE: Big Apple Balboa, Blues and Lindy Exchange is an EPIC weekend of over 20 hours of dancing to 6 Live Bands and Seasoned DJs. People from across the nation come to DANCE, exchange ideas, and experience the happening & historic NYC! This will be our 10th year in 2017!

Blues Dance New York (New York, NY)
Since 2010, BDNY has been connecting the past with the present to help form the foundation of a dance that is vibrant and growing for the future.  Its more than just a dance, it brings people together.

Blues Muse (Philadelphia, PA)
What makes a blues dance magical? A great song, an inspiring follow, and a receptive lead. Blues Muse is a workshop weekend dedicated to bringing out the muse in every follow, and teaching leads to appreciate and collaborate with their partner.

BluesSHOUT! (Chicago, IL)
BluesSHOUT! is an annual celebration of Blues Dance, striving to bring you the best of the blues dance world every year through classes, competitions, and dances. bluesSHOUT! instructors are the very top of the industry and are in demand nationally and globally.

BluesQuake (San Francisco, CA)
We’re bringing together 6 top-notch instructors during the day, fantastic live blues bands in the evenings, and the best DJs we can find for dancing into the early morning hours. You don’t want to miss it!

Fair City Blues (Dublin, Ireland)
‘In Dublin’s fair city’, we are buzzing with the Blues, hosting weekly classes and social dances! We can’t wait for you to come and dance with us.

Friday Night Blues NYC (New York, NY)
Friday Night Blues NYC strives to create community through a shared passion for blues dancing, and foster that passion by encouraging life-long learning. It is our goal to create a space where people feel safe, respected, and welcomed.  Friday Night Blues NYC is proud to welcome people of all ages, races, and genders. No matter who you are… if blues is your home, then we are your family.

Mile High Blues (Denver, CO)
“Blues With Altitude” — Lots of live music, lots of great classes, lots of dancing!
MmmmBlues (Montréal, QC, Canada)
A celebration dance event with a focus on what made us fall in love with blues – yummy social dancing, mind-blowing music, and a shared passion for reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.

Rain City Blues (Seattle, WA)
Rain City Blues is about blues dancing – we dance, we learn, we experience and we grow.  Blues is, as Seattle-ite John Benner puts it – “a whole lot of this without all of that.” And he’s right. Blues dancing is about feeling the music in a way that you may not have considered before, and then to share it with another through movement and connection.

Red Hot Blues n’ BBQ (Washington, DC)
BBQ. Blues dancing. Sunshine. Laying in the grass. Chocolate mousse. More blues dancing. More food. More friends and fun community time.  No classes, but lots of food, live music, and dancing!

Rose City Blues (Portland, OR)
A weekend of classes & competitions in the beautiful ballrooms of Portland, OR.

SnowBound Blues (Rochester, NY)
Join us in snowy Rochester, New York for a blues dancing exchange that’s sure to keep you warm!

Sweet Molasses Blues (Boston, MA)
We throw this event because we love the blues in all its dimensions. As history, as a way of life, as an art, as a thrilling dance, and as one rockin’ party! We want to share that all with you.