Tuesday Workshop w/ Nicole & Paul

Nicole & Paul Tues wrksp mlb 2016
Performance and Competition Prep
with Nicole & Paul
Come polish your voice and performance skills in this workshop with San Francisco based Nicole Trissell and Paul Mandel. Over three hours, we’ll delve into what it means to have our own voice and ideas, within the aesthetic of blues dance, then work on how to show that dance to our audience through performance and competition practice. Come strut your stuff.

12:30-2:00pm  Finding Your Voice 

We each have ways in which we naturally move. Some of us like hip circles, some of us like hip pops. Some of us would rather not move our hips much at all. In this class we’ll look at blues moves through the lens of our individual bodies, discovering our personal strengths and weaknesses to create a dance that is uniquely suited to each of us.

2:00-3:30pm    Dancing with the Lights On

You walk out onto the floor. The lights come on and the music starts playing. And everybody’s looking directly—expectantly—at you. We’ll share our secrets for how to dance well when the pressure’s on so you can impress the audience, the judges, your partner and yourself.

To register please send a friends & family payment to: Flouer@BluesDanceNewYork.com 

  • Whole Workshop:  $45-$60 sliding scale
  • One Class: $25-$30 sliding scale
    • Please indicate which class you are signing up for in the paypal “notes” section.

 Sliding scale is a no questions asked, pay what you can.  We want to be able to share with you.  Payment allows teachers to travel, eat, and commit their time & skills to the community.

8162531About Nicole:

Nicole has been a dancer her whole life. Ballet, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop and Tango are all dances that have driven her need for expression through movement. But when she discovered Blues 4 years ago, it was love at first dance. This unique dance style that combined creativity, freedom of movement, and a strong dance connection with her partner inspired her in a way no other dance had before. After a few years, she couldn’t withstand the draw of the dance any longer and started her life as a traveling dance instructor.

Nicole’s love and passion for expression through dance has propelled her through life since she was seven. She brings that same zeal to her students through challenging and inspiring classes which encourage her students to learn, play and grow as dancers and as people.

About Paul:

Paul took his first swing dance lesson in 2005. After learning to lindy hop in college, he was dragged to a blues house party in 2006 and has been hooked ever since. More than anything, Paul loves establishing a crystal-clear connection with his partner and discovering their unique blend of musicality together.

Since 2010, Paul has been teaching blues around the US and internationally. His focus as a teacher is in challenging students to take charge of their own learning while holding onto the soul and joy of their dancing.