Media Staff

Autumn Kovach

Autumn Kovach:

Autumn is a New York based photographer with a journalistic style. Her passion for photography and blues dancing began in Minneapolis, MN. She is thrilled to be doing both with the greater blues community at the Nocturne Blues Dance Weekend for her second year.

Braden Nesin

Braden Nesin:

Shiny and new to the Northeast, Braden has been documenting swing and blues events for 9 years now. Theoretically, he’s working on a book about it.

Ismael Fernandez

Ismael Fernandez:

More comfortable behind the lens than in front, Ismael (aka Ish) has been dancing since the lindy hop boom of the late ‘90s. This jitterbugging shutterbug has since expanded his interests to tango and blues, and as a photographer, he’s all about capturing the joy of dance and the beauty of the moment. These days, you’re more likely to see him snapping pics than cutting a rug, but ask him to dance and he’s quick to drop the camera to shake a tail feather or two.

Prisca Edwards

Prisca Edwards:

Prisca Edwards is an artist specializing in documentary photography and video for non-profits. She moved to NYC three years ago, googled blues dancing, and quickly fell in love with the music, movement, and the blues community. Having hailed from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, Prisca takes any opportunity to hike, backpack, travel, and of course, document it all on instagram.