Major League Blues

MLBFlyerBackSo you think you can swing with the big leagues huh? 

Well, prove it! Nocturne has teamed up with Sweet Molasses Blues in Boston to give you an entire week of workshops, dancing, and good music.  Step up to bat, its your turn to make a home run!

For updates and all the info, check out our new website here:

Two Major Events, Two Major Cities!


Nocturne Blues       New York, NY    July 22-24

Sweet Molasses Blues       Boston, MA   July 29-31

Some of the big perks:

  1. A discount off registration!  A code will be sent to you for a percentage off the second event after you register for the first event.  (Doesn’t matter which you register for first)
  2. The chance to get to spend a whole week with other dancers from all over the US & world.
  3. Sightseeing in both NYC & Boston.  Blues Dancing in both NYC & Boston!
  4. The opportunity to take more classes with national blues dance instructors.
  5. Join the week long MLB Choreography Intensive with top-notch instructors, and  get the chance to workshop or perform at Sweet Molasses!

More information to come as we slide to home base with all the details.