Brooke Filsinger

Brooke Filsinger:
Toronto, CA

Brooke has spent the last decade crisscrossing Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia, dancing, djing, and teaching as she goes. Although these days you’ll most often find her planing exchanges, festivals, and competitions, as a DJ Brooke strives to remain true to the roots of her sordid past – late-nite house parties! You can always count on full-bodied ‘scrumpditiliumptious’ music – the kind that you can really sink your feet into! You’ll get that stuff that keeps you dancing well past your bedtime!

John Joven

John Joven:
New York, NY

John caught the dance bug during the late 90’s swing revival and has been a DJ for ten years starting out in Chicago spinning swing and blues. During his time in the Midwest, he had spun at many swing and blues events around the region. Now hailing from New York City, he has shared his musical tastes with the dancers of the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, and Canada at events like Nocturne Blues, Snowbound Blues, Montreal Bagel & Blues, Steel City Blues Festival,,and Lindy Focus to name a few. He brings a versatile style influenced by the live blues of the Second City and the jazzy blues spun during his days a young Chicago. He is very excited to spin at Nocturne Blues!

Dan Legenthal

Dan Legenthal:
Boston, MA

Dan Legenthal lives in Boston, MA, where he is pursuing an MBA and an MS in Information Systems at Boston University. One of his many passions is collecting vintage and contemporary blues, jazz, and swing music. Dan believes in DJing for the dancers in the room while still being true to the music genres and dance forms. He’s constantly got his ears open for new and old tunes, and aims to please even the staunchest critic with his sets.

Laney Barhaugh

Laney Barhaugh:
Bloomington, MN

As is often the case in small scenes, Laney started DJing out of necessity – somebody had to play some music! Since then, she has come to greatly enjoy the process of acquiring, vetting, and playing music for blues dancers. She loves playing a wide variety of styles, from sweet jazz-blues to gritty juke joint tunes to soul-influenced ballads, and she has a soft spot for any song that brings the party. She has DJed extensively in her home scene of Minneapolis, as well as at 50Fifty and Bluetopia in Chicago.

Stephen York

Stephen York:
Boston, MA

There are times he has been seen stalking across the MIT campus, his mutterings circling back and again to rhythm, to structure, to any element he can use to link his obsession back to his shivering reality. He has heard the world and the smallest bit of what it offers. His search for more, for anything else he was able to gather in his flashbulb glimpse has brought him to lead others. Those who follow him through the murky streets of Boston seek to glean whatever ghostly tones he will drop in his wake like hard candy: enough to keep them near, never enough to satisfy or surpass…

Jered Morin

Jered Morin:
Freiburg, Germany

Filling up dance floors around the globe since 1999, Jered has become a highly sought-after SJ and emcee (proof: see photo).

He’s the Head DJ for international Blues & Swing Festivals. He pumps up the crowd using a microphone. He picks tunes for the biggest Competitions. In fact, there isn’t much Jered hasn’t done to share his musical passion.

With a deep music collection from all Eras and styles, he starts the party jumpin’ and keeps you sweating late into the night! He’ll get you Swingin’ with hard-driving rhythm bombs, bring the house down with some rich Blues, and dive deep into Soul & Funk just to put ants in your pants and make you need to dance!

Sarah Elise

Sarah Elise:
Boston, MA

Sarah Elise started DJing almost as soon as she started dancing, falling fast and hard for the blues. You can consistently find her behind the DJ booth at Boston’s weekly dances, and she has brought her playful, groovy style all around the East Coast at regional and national blues events, including Albany Lindy and Blues, Elm City, Steel City Blues, Winter Blues and Boston’s own Sweet Molasses Blues. This is her second time DJing at Nocturne Blues, and she can’t wait to see you shakin’ that thing out on the floor!