Core Staff

Flouer Evelyn

Flouer Evelyn:

Flouer is a full time traveling dance instructor, and the Director of Blues Dance New York.  A follower of many dance forms, she is particularly interested in what makes Blues Dancing different than other dances.  Flouer is deeply dedicated to the pursuit of art through partner dance, and believes that people physically moving and learning together can lead to truly powerful experiences.,

Brooke Filsinger

Brooke Filsinger:

Brooke has spent the last decade crisscrossing Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia, dancing, djing, and teaching as she goes. You will often find her in the midst of planing exchanges, festivals, and competitions; and Nocturne Blues is no exception. Though entirely tight behind the scenes, she is always keeping the energy going during an event; trying to stay true to the the sordid roots of her past – late-night house parties!

Heather Armstrong:
Safe Spaces Coordinator

Heather is from Toronto, and she’s determined to help everyone have a great time. Come talk to her about anything!

Melissa S. Cohen

Melissa Cohen:
Mistress of Open-Dance
The Slayer (of Homelessness)

“With every dance event, there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the e-mails, the website, and the forces of homelessness. She is… your Housing Coordinator.”

Blues dancing is Melissa’s first and only dance love. She started attending Friday Night Blues NYC and getting involved in the Blues scene in March of 2013, just in time to conquer housing for the first Nocturne. She quickly became more and more involved, jokingly dubbing herself “Flouer’s Administrative Assistant.” In Fall of 2015, Flouer retired from running Friday Night Blues NYC in order to focus more on BDNY and teaching, and handed the reins over to Melissa.

In addition to spending most of her time thinking about how to best serve the Blues community, Melissa also attends and helps organize LARPs and other table top role play and board gaming events. If you want to get her talking animatedly, just ask her about “freeform gaming” or “story games.”


Ginger Baker:
Mistress of Minions

Ginger is our Volunteer Coordinator and all-around superstar. Whenever someone has a question that the rest of the senior staff can’t answer, Ginger always seems to know what’s up. How does she do that!?


Nicole Markley:
Media Coordinator

Nicole has been social dancing for 10+ years, and has been primarily focused on blues for the last three. By trade, she’s a freelance event producer. When she’s not dancing, she enjoys cooking delicious and healthy meals with food from her CSA, traveling, embracing her Swedish heritage, and is her husband Alan’s biggest fan in all of his musical endeavors.

George peacock

George Anthony:
Live Music Coordinator & Manager

George is like the old guy who waves his cane shouting out, “Back in my day!” He’s been around the NY dance scene for over a decade, and has helped organize dances and events for most of those. His math, music, education, and technology background makes him a naturally-obsessive planner. George is devoted to making sure every dancer has a welcoming and safe experience, so they in turn can create that space for others. He can usually be found thrashing out meals in a kitchen, engrossed in some sort of woodworking endeavor, biking, trying to learn a new instrument, teaching, or spewing out user interface/experience thoughts on Twitter (@GeorgeHappens).

John Joven

John Joven:
DJ Wrangler

He’s the man with the plan, keeping your happy feet dancin’ during lunch, competitions, and whenever the bands aren’t playing. Spinning swing and blues for over ten years, he has also wrangled the DJs for the first five Chicago Underground Blues Experiences. John and the Nocturne Blues DJs will take you up, down, and keep you messin’ around for two days and three nights of awesome spinning and dancing.

Mike the Girl

Mike the Girl:
Competition Coordinator

Mike Legenthal has judged more competitions that you can shake a stick at, so when it comes to running competitions, she’s the judgiest. She’ll be wrangling competitors and judges to provide you with maximum entertainment, maximum procedural fairness, and minimum inefficiency.


SuperKate Slepicka:
Late Night Food & Manager

SuperKate is a passionate and talented performer, production manager, and wears mostly black. She has quite a few tattoos and will have more before this event.


Sydney Schiff:
Instructor Liason

Sydney likes to organize things, which not only helps her balance a freelance dancer-choreographer life by day with social dancing by night but also helps her run her dance company, Sydney Schiff Dance Project, and all of the moving parts that go with it. Next year she is leaving her NYC dance family (at least for now…) to pursue an MFA in Choreography at the University of Michigan. There she’ll be combining Blues and contemporary dance in a kind of fusion experiment…

Laura Boddorf

Laura Boddorf:
Decorations and Mood

Laura loves to dance, and loves to watch other people loving to dance. She has been attending blues exchange events since 2005, and had a hand in designing many sets of themes, lightings, and decorations. She will be your creator of ambiance, and is working hard to design the perfect atmosphere of lighthearted vintage and effortless fun so you can just kick back and enjoy a memorable weekend with lovely people.