Code of Conduct

Nocturne Blues Codes of Conduct

By attending Nocturne Blues, I agree that I have read, understand, and will follow the codes of conduct below.

If any problems or questions arise, I will seek out a Nocturne staff member wearing a silver arm band.

Respect & Diversity

  1. I will respect myself:  I am a valued member of the blues dance community, no matter my level of experience, age, sex, gender expression, sexual preferences, body size, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.
  2. I will respect others: I recognize that people have different values and viewpoints than I do, and that they are still valuable members of the community.

Creating Community

  1. I am encouraged to actively participate in building the blues dance community.  To do so, I will seek out new people to dance with or talk to.  I don’t know who might hold the keys to my next inspiration!
  2. I can foster connections by introducing or reintroducing myself with each new dance.
    1. I can choose to include the pronouns that I wish to be addressed with when introducing myself.

Personal Boundaries

  1. I will strictly respect the physical and personal boundaries of my fellow attendees on and off the dance floor.
  2. I can let my partner know that I wish to dance as close together or as far apart as I want, for any reason I want.

Invitations to Dance

  1. I will ask someone to dance with respect, and choose to accept or reject requests with respect.  I am free to accept and decline dances for whatever reasons I wish.
  2. If someone says no, I will accept their answer knowing that I am still a valuable member of the community, and move on to have just as much fun dancing with someone else.
  3. It is assumed that i dance one song at a time with my partner, but I am free to re-ask my partner to dance, knowing that dancing multiple songs in a row is a great way to increase my connection and enjoyment with them!

Safety on the Dance Floor

  1. It’s okay for me to inform my dance partner if something they do makes me uncomfortable or physically hurts me.  Additionally, I will respect my dance partner’s request that I stop doing something that makes them uncomfortable or physically hurts them.
  2. I will not attempt dance moves (such as aerials, kicks, lifts or overly large movements) that are potentially dangerous to my partner, the dancers around me, or myself.  I will do my best not to step on, bump, or trip other dancers; I will be gracious if I accidently do, and still gracious if someone does it to me.
  3. I will care for my own safety.  I am responsible for determining what I can and cannot accomplish on the dance floor.
  4. I will take care not to wear extraneous jewelry or other accessories that can get my partner’s way or harm them.

Sexual Contact

  1. I understand that dancing with someone is about sharing the love of dance, and not an invitation for sexual contact.
  2. I know that as a responsible adult, if I am uncomfortable with my partner’s actions I am free to be clear with my verbal communication and ask them to change their behaviour.
  3. If for some reason I am unable to communicate with my partner, the behaviour is severe or it is repeated, I will speak with a staff member wearing a silver armband as soon as possible.
  4. If I personally observe inappropriate actions inside the venues or classrooms, I will bring it to the attention of a staff member wearing a silver armband.

Cleanliness of the Space

  1. I understand that I am responsible for the cleanliness of our venue just as much as the staff is.
    1. I will keep my coats and bags off the seats, keep open containers of liquid off the floor, and throw away my trash.
  2. I will be responsible and respectful with my late-night food, taking care that I do not take more than I can eat, and that I clean up after myself.

Cleanliness of Myself

  1. I will care for my hygiene and appearance.
  2. I will wear a deodorizing product, bring towels or extra clothing if I sweat a lot, make use of hand sanitizer and mints, and always wash my hands after I go to the bathroom.
  3. If I have a cold, or any other condition which would be contagious on the dance floor, I will respect my fellow dancers by choosing to get some rest, heal myself, and not coming out to dance.


  1. I can share the love and give positive feedback to DJs, instructors, and dancers whenever I choose.  I can clap for songs I enjoy or walk up to the dancers, DJ, or bands afterwards to let them know in person.
  2. While I am free to give negative feedback, I will do so either when asked, through the Nocturne Blues surveys, or in a manner that is private, open minded, and respectful of the person receiving it.
  3. If I have read this whole code of conduct diligently, I will find Flouer at some point this weekend and give her a hi-five!  We both care :-)
  4. I understand that the social dance floor is for fun, and I should not offer unsolicited dance advice to my partners.
  5. I know that collaborating with my peers is a great way to learn, and I am free to ask for advice from my colleagues any time I want during class.  I also understand that everyone learns in their own way, and that I will always ask my partner before I offer my own advice.