“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.”  

–Mikhail Baryshnikov

Nocturne Blues has always tried to provide 11794502_530980743721003_1772320544399934667_oopportunities to perform and compete for all skill levels- so sign up and have fun with it!

Competitions are a great way to push yourself creatively & emotionally.  They can give you a specific goal to work towards in your dancing, and they can be a great way to build bonds with your fellow dancers.  Competing is not about beating someone else, it’s about giving you something to strive for in yourself.

You can pre-register for all competitions through Open-Dance, or on site at the event registration table.  All competitions are $5 per person per competition.

Announcing our 2016 Competitions!

Solo Challenge  ($10) – Saturday Late Night, Prelims by Video

To further explore our History & Culture theme, we invite you to participate in our new Solo Challenge!

  • You will be judged on a 90 second performance embodying & interpreting the movement of your favorite historical solo blues artist.
  • Prelims are by video.  Video submissions are due by June 13th, and finalists will be notified by July 4th.  Three finalists will be selected to perform at the Saturday late night.  You must register and pay for the competition on Open-Dance to be qualified to participate in prelims.
  • Details on the Solo Challenge & submitting your videos can be found here.
  • Open Level – Everyone can participate.


Challenge Strictly  ($20/couple)  – Prelims Sat Afternoon, Finals Sat Night

  • In honor of our “Culture and History” theme, we are repeating our Challenge Strictly Competition from last year.  Participants will be judged on 3 different genres of blues dancing – Slow Drag, Struttin’, and Latin Rhythms.
  • A Strictly is a competition where you bring your own partner to compete with, and you do not dance with anyone else.
  • Only one person in the partnership needs to register.  Please include your partner’s name in the drop down menu.
  • Open Level – Everyone can participate
  • Details on the Challenge Strictly will be posted here.



Jack & Jill

A Jack & Jill is a competition where you are paired with a11782346_533009746851436_5056011930842654141_o
dancer of the opposite role at random.  You do not sign up with a partner.  This competition is very popular because it shows off your skills as a social dancer, and your ability to dance with anyone and everyone on the dance floor!  It is also a fun, low-pressure way to begin showing off your dance skills in front of others.
** You can only sign up for one J&J competition, regardless of role. The purpose of the Novice & Intermediate competitions is to showcase & encourage the dancing of newer dancers.  Come and show your support!

Novice Jack & Jill ($10) – Sunday Afternoon

  • For those who have never competed in the role you sign up with before, or have been dancing less than a year.

Intermediate Jack & Jill ($10) – Sunday Afternoon

  • For those who have competed in blues before, but have not finaled in an open or advanced competition, and have not regularly placed in an advanced track at a national event in the role you sign up with.

Open Jack & Jill ($10) –  Friday Night

  • Open Level – everyone can participate.  However, if you are an Intermediate or Novice level dancer you may want to participate in the Jack & Jill competitions on Sunday afternoon.


Switch! Jack & Jill  ($10) – Prelims Sat Afternoon, Finals Sun Night62032_363952340423845_3125800016559819218_n-1

  • During this comp you will be judged on blues aesthetic, leading, following, and how well you Switch! between them.
  • Open Level – everyone & anyone can participate
  • A Jack & Jill competition is one where you are paired with a partner at random.