Classroom Conduct

Classroom Codes of Conduct

By attending classes at Nocturne Blues, I agree to the following codes of conduct.


  • While in class I will respect my instructors & classmates by doing my utmost to pay attention to the instructors, keep distracting side conversations to a whispered minimum, and apply myself to the material presented.


  • I know that collaborating with my peers is a great way to learn, and I am free to ask for advice from my colleagues any time I want during class.  I also understand that everyone learns in their own way, and that I will always ask my partner before I offer my own advice.

Being Late

  • I will respect myself, the instructors, my fellow students, and the learning environment by doing my very best to be on time for classes.  I know that If I am more than 15 minutes late for class, I am too late and will have to wait until the next class begins.

Number of Attendees

  • I know that there will only be 40 students allowed in each classroom when there is more than one class going on at the same time.  If I am not one of the first 40 to be in the classroom, I will be happy to go to another class and learn other cool stuff with another teacher.

Watching Class

  • If I am too tired or injured I am allowed to sit out and watch a class, provided that I remain quiet and pay attention to material presented.  If I want to talk or play on my cell phone I would be better served to spend time in the Registration hang-out space, or the Practice Room.
  • I am not allowed to watch a class for a level that I am not participating in.  This is not to keep information from me, it is to protect the intimate environment of the class being taught.