Education & the exploration of specific styles of Blues Dancing is our main goal at Nocturne.
We have a stellar lineup of Instructors who will be sharing their extensive research & passion for dancing with you.

Special Switch! Workshop

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 A taste of what we have in store…

  • “Street Talk” Boot Camp
    •  For the dancer who just wants “the raw deal” on blues dancing. You’ll learn new fancy moves for your general blues dancing that are useful for any song, anywhere. You’ll also learn what we mean when we say “blues aesthetic”, and you’ll work on connection with your partners.
  • Advanced Boot Camp
    •  Designed to push the blues dance art form by catering to top level dancers at this event.  Entrance to this track is by audition only.
  • Classes on Specific Styles of Blues
    • A la carte classes on specific genres of blues important to your blues dance learning, and exciting to our instructors.
  • Special Culture & History Track
    •  With topics like Blues Music History that are integral to our dancing today.
  • Individual Feedback Sessions
    •  Extra sessions built in to the schedule just for you, giving you the chance to meet 1 on 1 with our instructors.
  • Lunch Discussions
    • With video viewings of historical blues dancing clips
  • Warm-up, Massage, and Self Care
    • Sessions so that your body stays healthy and strong all weekend long.
  • Lunch & Snacks
    • Brought straight to your classroom so you can keep your energy up while taking the breaks you need between classes.
  • Special Electives
    •  On topics like African Movement & Styling.