Class Schedule

Tracks on Saturday…

“Street Talk” Boot Camp:
  • For the dancer who just wants “the raw deal” on blues dancing. You’ll learn new moves that are useful for any song, anywhere. You’ll also learn what we mean when we say “blues aesthetic”, and you’ll work on connection with your partners.
  • Classes in “The Dances” track on Saturday are geared towards learning specific styles of blues dancing.  If you want to stick with general blues dance knowledge, the “Street Talk” classes for you.
  • You are welcome to hop into these classes with your full pass; but the “Street Talk” Boot Camp can also be purchased separately through Open-Dance for dancers who are newer to blues, or just want to get a jump start on their dancing for the weekend.
“Kick Butt” Boot Camp
  • Designed to push the blues dance art form by catering to the top level dancers attending this event.  Note:  This track is by pre-approval or audition only.  Auditions are on Friday evening before the dance starts.
  • The “Kick Butt” Boot Camp is included in a full pass, but it can also be purchased separately through Open-Dance if you don’t want to take Sunday classes.
“The Dances” Track
  • These classes will all be geared towards learning the specific styles of blues dancing featured in our Challenge Strictly Competition.
  • This track is for all levels.

Tracks on Sunday…

“History & Culture” Track
  •  A combination of movement based and lecture classes to get you thinking about Blues Dancing’s past, present, and future.
  • All levels track.
“Creativity” Track
  • Focused on getting your creative energies flowing and learning new ways of thinking about movement?  These classes are for you.
  • All levels track.
“Technique” Track
  • Want to go deep into specific movement and theory?  These classes are for you.
  • All levels track.

*As always, schedule subject to change.