The Choreo Project!

Sweet Molasses Blues is dedicated to presenting some of the most creative blues performances around.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were a part of that goal?

If you are interested in performing and want the chance to work in a small group setting with world class instructors…
Join The Choreo Project!

Your Mission should you choose to accept it:  Create a fabulous piece of choreography in only 5 days.  Can it be done?  YES!

Will it be a ridiculously fun time working closely with other dancers?  Will it be challenging and push you in ways you don’t expect?  Yes and Yes!

Dancers who have participated in the past have created strong friendships from across the country based on the families they connected with while creating movement art together.

Watch the Videos from past years Performances:

2015: Rags & Old Iron – Choreography by Nicole Trissell

2015: You Sound Pretty Good – Choreography by Flouer Evelyn

2015: Minnie the Moocher – Choreography by Joy Arico

2014:  The Wooden Spoon  –  Choreography by Andrew Smith & Nicole Trissell

2014:  The Scratch Project –  Choreography by Flouer Evelyn

2014:  Choreography by Ruth Evelyn & Mike Grosser


The Scoop:

Every evening we get together in our groups for three hours to work on a piece of choreography that is specifically set on you and your small group.

All choreography will be taken to Sweet molasses to be adjudicated during the afternoon and get the chance to perform on Saturday night.  This does not mean that you have to be in the choreography track at Sweet Mo, but it does mean that you have to purchase a full pass to Sweet Mo.


  • Must be attending both Nocturne Blues & Sweet Molasses Blues.
  • Must be in New York from July 24 – July 27 and Boston from July 28th-July 31. (see schedule below)
  • Must be interested in working with other dancers, practicing, and applying yourself.
  • Must have some experience with blues dancing, a minimum of attending the “Street Talk” track at Nocturne Blues.
Other Details:
  • Read more about the Sweet Molasses Choreography Competition
  • Once choreographers are announced, you can request to work with a specific group leader.
  • Assistant Choreographers are welcome!  If you are an advanced dancer and think you would like to  work with a group, email to apply.  Assistant Choreographers are expected to help group leaders with logistics & working on material during the day in exchange for a waved entrance fee.
  • If you want to work hard and perform, we want to work with you!  Sign up and have fun with us :-)

If you have any other questions send an email to


Depending on what group you are in, you will be either rehearsing earlier in the afternoon (those from out of town), or later in the evening (those who have work schedules).

** Times are approximate & subject to change**

  • Monday July 25th:   4-7pm or 7-10pm (NYC)
  • Tuesday July 26th:   4-7pm or 7-10pm (NYC)
  • Wednesday July 27th:   3-7pm or 6-10pm (NYC)
  • Thursday July 28th:   10am-1pm (NYC)  or  6-9pm (Boston)
  • Friday July 29th:   6-8pm (Boston)
  • Saturday July 30th:  Adjudication & Performances!  (Boston)