Nocturne Blues Dance Weekend

Thank you all for so many years of good memories! Nocturne Blues is no longer taking place. Change is the only constant... let the new era of great blues dancing begin!

Nocturne Blues is Here… One More Time!nocturneblues

And when we say one more time, we actually mean it.  This is the last year of Nocturne Blues as you know it.  After this year we will be changing our name to better fit our mission of History & Culture.

As always, we will be bringing you…

  • Three nights of dancing…
  • Two full days of classes…
  • Live Music (every night!)
  • Competitions, Prizes, and of course…
  • Dancing all night long with your favorite people from across the country!

Education & the exploration of specific styles of Blues Dancing is our main goal at Nocturne. We have a stellar lineup of Instructors who will be sharing their extensive research & passion for dancing with you.

Nocturne Mission:  History & Culture

“…the Blues Set is sometimes said to be the one that gets things back down to the so-called nitty gritty, which is to say back down from the cloudlike realms of abstraction and fantasy to the bluesteel and rawhide textures of the elemental facts of the everyday struggle for existence. As a result of which the dancers (who were sometimes said to be put in the groove) were normally expected to respond … with warm person-to-person intimacy that was both robust and delicate.”

—Albert Murray, pg 51 Stomping on the Blues

In the spirit of this quote by Albert Murray, Nocturne’s mission is to get “back down to the so-called nitty gritty”. The “nitty gritty” being questions like:  Where did the blues come from?  What is it today?  Where is it going?

Knowledge is power, and we believe that knowing more about where we come from can enrich and enliven where we are going.